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Summer in Red

Princess Polly Dress, Supre Berret, Famous Footwear Shoes, Sportsgirl Bag

Long time, no post! Today I am wearing this pretty little red dress from Princess Polly and I don't think there's ever been a dress that is more me. I love the frills, the off the shoulder details and the colour - I've always been a sucker for red dresses! I can see myself wearing this dress all summer long.

Besides enjoying my freedom from uni by laying around on the Gold Coast beaches these past two weeks, I have not been up to much at all! I finally feel in holiday mode and I get to graduate this week finally, which is so exciting! I am still in shock that I have made it to this day but can't wait to start work and lead a much more balanced life of only working 40 hour weeks (instead of 60 hour weeks with assignments on top as I have been doing the past year!) Next week I am then heading off to Bali for a much needed holiday and I'm hoping I'll be able to get a post up on this blog to document my time there.

Hopefully, actually having free weekends again next year will mean I have much more time to focus on this blog which I am really looking forward to. Expressing myself creatively has always been important to me and I know my mental and emotional health suffers when I deprive myself of time to be creative. So next year focusing on this blog and developing myself creatively is going to be a big focus of mine. There are quite a few things I've been wanting to try and experiment with on my blog and I have a feeling next year is going to be my most creative and productive year yet. So keep your eye on this space, I'm hoping to make some big changes and a whole lot of progress here in the new year.

Kelly Anne xx 

Summer Brights & Crisp Whites

Guess what guys, I have finally finished my degree! Yes, those six torturous years of university have finally come to an end and it is so surreal. So to celebrate I thought I'd get back into my blogging! It's been way too long since my last post so here's a little summer themed outfit from Supre to get us in the summer and celebratory mood.

First of all, I'm obsessed with this crochet cropped top. It's so comfortable and so summery and I can see myself wearing it all summer long. This skirt is such a fun and bold colour and I'm loving it too. I can't wait to wear it to the beach soon paired with my white one piece from my previous post (now that I have all the time in the world!) 

Anyway, I hope you have all been well and I hope to post more outfits, as well as some different types of posts on this blog very soon!

Kelly Anne xx

The Perfect Spring Swimsuit

Yay, finally spring is here! And the weather is slowly getting warm enough for me to wear this swimsuit down by the beach. I'm in love with the fabric detailing and cut of this swimsuit. It's so pretty and feminine and 100% my style! I actually can't wait for summer this year, not only because I'll be able to wear this amazing swimsuit but also because I'll *hopefully* be finished uni forever and actually get to enjoy my summer! 

Have you guys bought any new swimsuits for summer yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Speak again soon,

Kelly Anne xx

Skincare Review: Harvest Garden Natural Skincare

Hello everyone! Today I have a short and sweet review of a few products sent to me from Harvest Garden Skincare, and straight up I can claim that all of these products are amazing. Harvest Garden are a local Australian brand that makes amazing smelling and effective skincare and bath products, so hopefully my review of these products might help you to discover a new brand and potentially some new favourtite products!

French Green Clay, Aloe & Matcha Face Masque
To make this mask, the powder needs to be mixed with some water or any other liquid you might desire. You then paint on the liquid and it drys into a hard clay mixture on your face. This mask has been a lifesaver when my skin is having a little freak-out. It claims to revitalise skin, reduce irritation and refine pores, and I completely agree with this statement. In particular, I think this mask would be great for oily skin! So if you need a mask to clear up your skin fast, I can highly recommend this natural yet effective product.

Lemongrass, Patchouli & Calendula Bath Salt Soak
This is the best smelling bath soak I have ever smelt. And that's saying a lot for me. I love a good bath soak and this product was no exception. The fragrance is so relaxing, especially after a long day running around on your feet and I cannot recommend this product enough!

Tinted Rose & Geranium Lipbalm
And finally, this pretty rose tinted lip balm has quickly become my favourite lip balm of all time. So much so that this is the second time they've sent me products and I specifically asked for it again because my last one ran out, and basically I am hooked.  It's the perfect everyday colour! It also has a super pretty rose scent and is made with shea butter, so it is super moisturising! If you're looking for a natural coloured lip balm, look no further!

If any of these products sound like a product you need in your life, you can check out Harvest Garden's products here!

That's it from me today as I need to get back into study, but I hope to post another blog post next week. I hope you are all doing well!

Speak soon,

Kelly Anne xx

Casual Sunday in this Cosy Linen Playsuit

Supre Linen Jumpsuit, Supre Beret, Dissh Boutiques Top, Betts Shoes, Tiffany & Co Necklace

Happy weekend guys! I've had a very busy week this week and the next few weeks for me are not going to be any easier as my final ever exams inch closer every day. I have so much study to do, so my next few posts will be short and sweet! But I can't wait to be done with uni soon and hopefully have the time to put more effort into this blog. 

Anyway, I was sent this cute linen jumpsuit from Supre the other week, and honestly, when I first unwrapped this playsuit from the parcel, I didn't like it. I was actually not planning on turning this outfit into a blog post. But after styling it with these boots and a cute beret, I'm actually really loving this outfit. Plus the relaxed fit is super comfy and perfect when you've just eaten a buffet lunch!

Hope you guys are all well! Speak soon,

Kelly Anne xx