Introducing Me & My Designs

Hi all!
I’ve decided to start posting my own material on this blog! I plan to post my own material weekly and would love any feedback you can give!
Over the past few weeks I have been playing around with fabrics and sewing up my own shorts which I plan to sell at the suitcase rummage markets in Brisbane this weekend.
With that in mind I decided to model a couple of pairs for the world to see! So last weekend I visited my boyfriend in Darwin where we went to the city’s botanical gardens to get a few shots. Unfortunately, being the wet season in Darwin the sky was constantly overcast and we weren’t able to get the bright, sunny pictures I was imagining but I had a lot of fun shooting this and I’m excited to shoot for more posts like this in the future!
White high neck singlet (malibu crop):
Shorts (blue and orange): Anne in the Dollhouse (a.k.a me!)
Shoes (black buckle clogs): London Rebel
Shoes (white cross over buckles): K-mart
Flower Crown: Cosmetics Plus
And if you like what you see and you’re in the Brisbane area, come by my way at the suitcase rummage markets this Sunday!
Kelly xx

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