And weeks went by but it felt like hours, seasons multiplying powers,that I found in winter hours

This shoot was taken in one of the horse paddocks on my university campus. This guy here was born at the end of last year and he has grown so much since I last saw him!
Being a Veterinary student I thought it might be appropriate to do a shoot where my love of animals and fashion are combined into one! I had so much fun doing these shoots and the golden light of the afternoon sun worked perfectly with the tall African star grass (After just recently having an exam on pastures I can tell you the species of grass-sad I know) in the paddock to give photos a magical and whimsical feeling.
I wasn’t in the mood for wearing a dress on this day so I decided on my new white ASOS high-waisted shorts that you can get here, my purple crochet crop top from Showpo and Top Shop black synthetic leather sneakers. I’ve just recently started getting into ASOS and Top Shop and am in love with these latest additions to my wardrobe!
I’m beginning to feel winter here and the days are getting shorter but the sunsets out here in the country still don’t cease to amaze me! I hope you all enjoyed looking through these photos as I did shooting for them and have an amazing rest of the week! As always I’d appreciate any lovely comments!
Kelly xx

My Top 6 Night Time Beauty Favourites

I hope the beginning of everyone’s week is going well! Today I want to share with you my favourite night time beauty products. I’m sure a lot of girls out there have a night time beauty regime down pat, but I love reading about the products other people use and I though you guys might too! So without further ado, here are the products I love to use before going to sleep each night.

1. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is perfect for removing make-up at the end of the day. I like to use it before I have a shower to rinse the residue off in the shower. There are also heaps of other beauty benefits of coconut oil such as using it for hair masks and as skin moisturiser!

2. Bodyshop Shea Butter Shower Cream
This stuff smells amazing and really gets me in the mood for relaxing! It’s a shame I only I have a small bottle. I received it as a Christmas gift and may have to buy another bottle!

3. Swisse Rose Hip Oil Moisturiser and Essano Face Oil
After washing my face in the shower, I love to apply rose hip oil moisturiser and oil to my face. It makes my skin super smooth in the morning and keeps it looking super radiant! Both these products work wonders for my skin!

4. Schwarzkoff Daily Hair Repair Oil Elixir
If I’ve just washed my hair I apply this to the ends to seal any split ends and make my hair super shiny when it drys. I can not express my love for this product enough. It really does make your hair shine, hence why I’ve gone through 3 bottles of it!

5. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
I’m sure many of you have discovered the multiple super powers of this product. I apply this to my lips right before bed and wake up with soft, moisturised lips. Need I say more?

6. Mor Hand Creams
And finally I apply my Mor hand cream right before bed! I love these hand creams so much, I want every flavour! They all smell so amazing that the smell of them pretty much puts me to sleep every night.
Let me know of your essential night time beauty products! I would love to know and maybe even try some new products!
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and stay tuned for some photoshoots with horses later this week!
Kelly xx

Autumn Vibes

Afternoon lovelies!
This gorgeous floral Wishbone jumpsuit is another one of my suitcase rummage steals. For only $4 I couldn’t go wrong! And I absolutely love it paired with these boots (also featured in this post here) and colour-coordinating hat. The colours of it are so amazing, radiating those autumn vibes we’re feeling here in Australia.
Again, if you guys haven’t already I strongly urge you to check out the suitcase rummages in a city near you! You could pick up some amazing pieces for a tiny price!
And speaking of amazing pieces, click here to shop my hand-made clothing! More items to be added some time this week!
I hope you are all having a great week and that you enjoy this post! Also, I have plans for more beauty posts soon! So make sure if you’re a beauty lover to keep your eye out for those!
Kelly xx

My Little Red Shorts

For me, being back at uni means being back out in the country side. It’s now my second week back at uni and I thought I would share with you one of my outfits!
I really love how these photos turned out, with my orangey-red shorts in contrast with the light green forage of the country background. It was completely unplanned, I just wore what I had been wearing at uni all day and it simply worked!
I wear high waisted clothing everywhere (Because I’m short, high-waisted skirts and shorts tend to make me look taller) and uni is no exception. I like to invest in expensive pieces that really flatter my small figure but these shorts from Forever New fit me perfectly while only costing $4! Yep, again these shorts are part of my haul from the suitcase rummages I visited in the holidays! (Click here to see more pieces from my suitcase rummage haul!) And I would really encourage you to visit these markets, you never know what you can find there. You can check if they are visiting a city near you at their website here!
Back to my outfit, I often need to wear enclosed shoes around campus so when I spotted these black heeled ankle boots at K-mart for $25, I knew I needed them! They look very similar to these lipstik boots I’ve seen advertised on instagram but are less than half the price! How’s that for fashion on a budget?!
I hope you guys are all having a great week and if you haven’t already make sure you check out my new Etsy shop full of heaps of pretty high-waisted shorts made by me!
Kelly xx

My Handmade Clothes are Finally on Etsy!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Instead of working on my weekly fashion inspiration post this afternoon, I’ve been working on opening my new Etsy shop! At the moment it is just hand-made shorts like the pair I am wearing in the shoot above but I am hoping to add a heap of other items soon including crop tops, hair accessories and stationary, so keep a look out!
I’ve been wanting to set this up for awhile but haven’t had the time so I hope you all enjoy this shoot of me wearing my own hand-made shorts. Also click here if you would like to check them out in my etsy shop!
Kelly xx

My Top 3 Go-To Hair Styles

Afternoon Lovelies!

I have just started up my new beauty page on my blog! So if you’re a beauty lover out there, make sure you watch this space as I have a ton of beauty post ideas lined up for you!

 Today I am going to share with you guys my top 3 go-to hair styles for when you have no clue what to do with your hair. This is a problem I struggle with often myself but I hope this post is able to some of you out when lacking inspiration in the hair department.

1. Side pieces pinned back-this style is super simple and looks quite sophisticated from the back. I never used to be able to get my front pieces all the way to the back of my head and used to just pin my bangs to the side of my head, so that is a possibility for anyone with shorter hair.

2. Low pony with ribbon-This low pony of mine is a bit messy, but sometimes that’s the look I like! I love the cute everyday look when I add a ribbon. Sleek versions of a low pony also look chic and sophisticated, if that’s the look you want.

3. Side bang plait-I wore this style to uni today and I love how easy yet different it is! Simple plait your front piece of hair to the side and pin with a few bobby pins. To add a bit of volume to your plait, loosen up the plait a bit after pinning it.

Hope this inspired you to try some new hair styles! And I will be back with more outfit posts next week!

Also I am planning on opening my online etsy store sometime this weekend! So keep a look out for my pretty hand-made designs! Hope the rest of the week treats you all well.

Kelly xx