And weeks went by but it felt like hours, seasons multiplying powers,that I found in winter hours

This shoot was taken in one of the horse paddocks on my university campus. This guy here was born at the end of last year and he has grown so much since I last saw him!
Being a Veterinary student I thought it might be appropriate to do a shoot where my love of animals and fashion are combined into one! I had so much fun doing these shoots and the golden light of the afternoon sun worked perfectly with the tall African star grass (After just recently having an exam on pastures I can tell you the species of grass-sad I know) in the paddock to give photos a magical and whimsical feeling.
I wasn’t in the mood for wearing a dress on this day so I decided on my new white ASOS high-waisted shorts that you can get here, my purple crochet crop top from Showpo and Top Shop black synthetic leather sneakers. I’ve just recently started getting into ASOS and Top Shop and am in love with these latest additions to my wardrobe!
I’m beginning to feel winter here and the days are getting shorter but the sunsets out here in the country still don’t cease to amaze me! I hope you all enjoyed looking through these photos as I did shooting for them and have an amazing rest of the week! As always I’d appreciate any lovely comments!
Kelly xx

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