Sydney Style Diaries

Good afternoon lovelies,
I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! I certainly did, exploring Sydney and attending the royal easter show in some of my new favourites! And, of course, a lot of chocolate was involved and I am in need of some serious detoxing right now!
I bought my red jumpsuit that I wore to the show from the suitcase rummages for only $3, but the elastic at the back of the jumpsuit was stretched, so I replaced it with red ribbon and to be honest I like the corset-like look of it a hundred times better! I’m not sure of it’s brand either but all I know is I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it at the suitcase rummages, and despite the damage to it I knew I wanted it!
I also bought a new necklace at the show, featured above in all my photos. I found it in a little boutique store set up in the market section of the show. When I first saw it I was unsure of whether I would wear it or not, but I was feeling the carnival vibes so decided to risk it, and I ended up wearing it everyday after that! I love it, it’s just too cute!
My last item I want to talk about is this Vintage Gingham crop from ASOS. I’d been holding off to wear it and figures Sydney was the perfect place to snap a few photos of me wearing it!
So what did you guys get up to on your Easter long weekend? Let me know in the comments below!
Kelly xx

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