Florals for Days / High-Waisted Floral Maxi Skirt

I know, I know again with the bardot tops. I can't help it I'm obsessed! (#sorrynotsorry) But I think our attention needs to be focused on the main star of the show: this gorgeous high waisted floral maxi skirt. It's so beautiful! I love the floral pattern and feel of the fabric and the high waisted style with the thigh split. It's spring perfection! I so wish we were heading into spring here in Australia rather than Autumn, but either way I'm going to wear this floral skirt until I absolutely have to wear pants.

I also need to apologise about the blurriness of the skirt in some of these photos, it was super windy on this day! However I kind of tried to embrace it and I actually like the imperfectness of these photos. It definitely helps show off how flowy this amazing skirt is, so much so that it made me feel like a princess with a train in some of these photos! 

I wore this skirt out on an afternoon tea picnic a couple of weeks ago and I decided to include a few snaps of the picnic since I felt like it fit in with girly and hipster vibe of the skirt. Hope you guys enjoy! I'm feeling hungry just look at this afternoon feast! 
Speak soon,
Kelly xx


  1. ahh i love that skirt ! so pretty ! :)


  2. That skirt is definitely a statement piece, I love how it speaks for itself with just a plain black top. And that picnic looks picture perfect...literally. Everything looks so yummy.

  3. Love the skirt xx


  4. Beautiful look! I am in love with that skirt!!
    xx Nicola

  5. Your blog is so darling and you look so beautiful ahhh! I'm in love with the skirt and the picnic looks so dreamy and adorable! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    (P.S I don't suppose you would like to follow each other on bloglovin or instagram ? haha :D xx)

  6. Amazing outfit and background!!!!