Faux Fur & Pink Berrets

Supre Faux Fur Coat, Universal Store Polka Dot Set (bought as separates), Showpo Boots, Supre Berret

Long time, no speak. Life's been crazy and got the better of me once again but I hope you all enjoy this little winter inspired outfit. How cold has it been lately?! Especially today. My fingers were numb as I drove to university this morning. And me being my typical self was dressed in only a light cardigan. 

Speaking of not being appropriately dressed for the cold, I definitely wouldn't have been able to feel my fingers in this outfit if it weren't for this amazing warm coat from Supre! It's so big and fluffy, and I love it so much! I've always loved a good winter coat, and this is such a unique one to add to my collection! I definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out this piece over winter if the temperature continues to be this cold!

Do you have a favourite winter coat? Tell me what your's is like in the comments below!

Speak again soon,
Kelly Anne xx

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