Skincare Review: Harvest Garden Natural Skincare

Hello everyone! Today I have a short and sweet review of a few products sent to me from Harvest Garden Skincare, and straight up I can claim that all of these products are amazing. Harvest Garden are a local Australian brand that makes amazing smelling and effective skincare and bath products, so hopefully my review of these products might help you to discover a new brand and potentially some new favourtite products!

French Green Clay, Aloe & Matcha Face Masque
To make this mask, the powder needs to be mixed with some water or any other liquid you might desire. You then paint on the liquid and it drys into a hard clay mixture on your face. This mask has been a lifesaver when my skin is having a little freak-out. It claims to revitalise skin, reduce irritation and refine pores, and I completely agree with this statement. In particular, I think this mask would be great for oily skin! So if you need a mask to clear up your skin fast, I can highly recommend this natural yet effective product.

Lemongrass, Patchouli & Calendula Bath Salt Soak
This is the best smelling bath soak I have ever smelt. And that's saying a lot for me. I love a good bath soak and this product was no exception. The fragrance is so relaxing, especially after a long day running around on your feet and I cannot recommend this product enough!

Tinted Rose & Geranium Lipbalm
And finally, this pretty rose tinted lip balm has quickly become my favourite lip balm of all time. So much so that this is the second time they've sent me products and I specifically asked for it again because my last one ran out, and basically I am hooked.  It's the perfect everyday colour! It also has a super pretty rose scent and is made with shea butter, so it is super moisturising! If you're looking for a natural coloured lip balm, look no further!

If any of these products sound like a product you need in your life, you can check out Harvest Garden's products here!

That's it from me today as I need to get back into study, but I hope to post another blog post next week. I hope you are all doing well!

Speak soon,

Kelly Anne xx

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