What's in my Bag for a Night Out?

Happy Sunday evening! Tonight I have a fun little post providing a checklist of essentials every girl needs for a night out. While I don't go out very often anymore, I ALWAYS find that whenever I do I forget something absolutely essential! So here's a little bag spill flatlay and a list of my favourite beauty products and accessories so that you too don't forget something super essential on a big night out!

1. A pretty clutch - like this one from The Daily Edited. I'm so obsessed with this brand and love that you get your initials embossed onto any of their products!

2. Lash curler & an amazing mascara - currently this Caution mascara from Hourglass is my favourite! Available here from Mecca Maxima.

3. Lipstick - especially for touch ups as you drink through all those cocktails over the night!

4. A portable comb or brush - no one likes their hair becoming a bird's nest. This one is from Seed Heritage.

5. Hair accessories to put hair up - VERY essential in my experience. You never know when you or your friend might need their hair swept up in an instant! I am obsessed with this scrunchie and hair clip from Scrunchies Australia. So practical, yet so cute!

6. Blush for a pretty pop of colour - like this one called Chilli Mango from Fenty Beauty. Available here from Sephora.

7. Bronzer - so you can fake beautiful sunkissed skin. My favourite at the moment is the Hourglass Ambient lighting one in Luminous Bronze Light. Available here from Mecca Maxima.

8. Glittery eyeshadow - and these ones from Stila are SO EASY to apply! This shade is called Bronzed Bell. Also available here from Mecca Maxima.

9. Some stylish earrings - a must to finish off your look.

10. And finally your phone and cards! Obviously.

Hoping you guys enjoyed this cute little post! What else would you add to your night out beauty essentials checklist?

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