The Coffee Scrub (& Some Other Gorgeous Products) You Need for your Most Amazing Skin Yet!

Hi everyone, today I am back with a review of some more Little Balm products. Little Balm is a brand in Sydney that hand makes all-natural and sustainable beauty products to incorporate into your daily skincare routine, and as with my previous review, these other products of their's did not disappoint!

Mocha Body Scrub
Wow, what can I say? This is my favourite body scrub I've ever tried! Firstly, it smells amazing. I love coffee and this smells just like a coffee shop. Secondly, I love how fine the actual granules are. I've tried a few different coffee scrubs in the past and this one gives me the most gentle yet effective scrub. It's also super moisturising and my skin feels sooooo soft! The scrub contains organic raw sugar, virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, fair trade coffee, raw cacao and vitamin E. The perfect combination for amazing skin.  I've been using it twice a week coming into winter and I love how fresh and soft it's keeping my skin! This body scrub is one of my winter skin must-haves! Hopefully, I'll be doing a post on my winter skin essentials soon, and you can bet this will be included on that list!

Restore Face Mask
Ahhh this mask smells like chocolate and leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean and refined! Just like the Glow mask, mixed with a few drops of water and this mask is ready to be popped straight on to your face for a luxury home spa night. With kaolin clay, bentonite claw and raw cacao, my skin is left feeling smooth and the appearance of pores and blackheads is significantly reduced. Oh, and did I mention it smells like chocolate?

Rosie Face Toner
I love this mist for refreshing my make-up. This mist contains bulgaria rose water, alcohol free witch hazel, aloe vera extract and rose geranium oil. It smells so beautiful and adds such a lovely glow to my finished face! Unfortunately, I can't use this as a toner during my skincare routine as it seems to sting slightly when I use it on my bare skin. However, this beautiful calming mist works well for me as a mid-day refresh over make-up and allows me to enjoy a moment of peace during a busy day. I can 100% recommend this face mist for this purpose!

If you are interested in trying any of these amazing products from Little Balm, I currently have a 15% off code you can use on their website to save you some money! Just pop the code KellyAnne15 in when you checkout to save you some dollars! Click here to visit their website!

And if you'd like to see my previous review on their Unicorn Multipurpose Face Oil and Glow Face Mask be sure to click here!

That's it for today my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this review post. Until next time,

Kelly Anne xx

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