My Evening Relaxation Routine with Awake Skin

Finally back with a skincare post today and I'm so excited to share with you my evening routine and talk about this brand! Awake skin recently launched at the end of June this year and is Tarte's sister skincare brand. So of course when they offered to send me a few of their products to review I jumped at the chance! All of their products have quickly been incorporated into my nightly routine after a long day of work so I thought I'd talk through how I use them in my routine. Enjoy! xx

1. Awake Keep Calm & Roll On Clarity Cream - this little cream has come in handy, especially when I'm feeling a little tense after a long day. As soon as I walk through the door I apply this little gem to all my pulse points. It smells like peppermint and is perfect to rub into your temples, wrists and neck when getting home from work. I've never used a product like this before, but I have to say I think this may be the biggest surprise for me out of this collection. I was sceptical that a little cream would help me relax but truly just a few minutes after applying this cream I feel the peaceful vibes settling in, helping me to start the process of winding down after a long day. Such a great product!

2.  Awake Lip Sleeping Mask - This mask is amazing! Very comparable to the Laniege Lip Sleeping mask that I have recently run out of and was using this past year. As soon as I've had a long shower, eaten a healthy dinner and watched a little Netflix I am more than ready for bed. I apply this beautiful thick balm as I get into bed and find that it lasts until you wake up in the morning, sealing all the moisture in your lips while you sleep. I literally can't get to sleep without my lip mask now, it's become such a staple in my routine!

3. Awake Dream Mist Pillow Spray - ahh this is the kind of product that makes me wish smellagram existed! This scent is so dreamy, hands down my favourite ever sleeping mist I've dried. Not too overpowering, and has a more fresh lavender scent that lasts all night. Just as I'm about to let my head hit the pillow I spritz my pillow with gorgeous spray.

4. Vegan Pillow Case - I have used this pillowcase EVERY night since I received it! It's just as soft and functions just as well as my silk pillowcase but is a good vegan alternative. It also holds the scent of the pillow spray all night long. Such a dream to sleep with!

Safe to say I've been having some of the best sleep of my life recently thanks to these guys. If you're interested in checking out Awake skincare I highly recommend every product I've reviewed here! Click here to check out their website!

Back with a new post soon,
Kelly Anne xx

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