A Few Isolation Beauty Favourites

Wow, hasn't it been awhile since I wrote a post on here! Almost 6 months! In all honesty, having the motivation to write lengthy blog posts has been sparse lately. Obviously, with everything going on in the world currently, my year has not gone to plan along with a lot of other people's. Unfortunately, I think a few of my goals for the year will have to be pushed back to next year. One of them being that I wanted to go part-time in my job as a veterinarian to focus on building my creative digital business. Currently, my job is stable, and I have continued to work full-time hours through all of this which, while I am very grateful for, has also taken a lot out of me. And I know I'm not alone. All of my colleagues, too, are feeling extra strained as we work hard during the pandemic and extra stresses of everyday life currently.

However, I miss sharing my favourite things with you guys and making beautiful images for you. I am a lot more frequent with doing both of these on my Instagram (@anneinthedollhouse), so if you're keen to see more I'd definitely check out my account there. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this short and sweet round-up of a few beauty pieces I'm currently loving.

1. Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser - such an amazing cleanser that deeply cleanses but leaves the skin hydrated. Packed with heaps of antioxidants and no nasty ingredients such as synthetic fragrances or SLS!

2. Youth To The People Superfood Firm & Brighten Serum - This is my THIRD time repurchasing this product! I haven't used it for months now because it's always such a splurge but while it's pricey it sure works! It brightens any acne scarring I have lingering and just leaves the skin glowy and plump. I have been loving using this every morning again recently.

3. Aesop Ressurection Hand Balm - I have talked about this SO much on my Instagram lately! Obsessed with this to keep my hands hydrated during all the extra handwashing, plus it smells divine.

4. Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask - okay so I've liked this for a while now but recently I have rediscovered it. instead of using it as an overnight mask, I've been using it as a 10-minute mask and then rinsing it off (as it is supposed to be used per the instructions). And guess what, I actually love it so much better this way! It gives the skin a quick pick me up and can be used at any time of day this way!

5. Bare Skinfood Multivitamin Creme - another product I've already talked a heap about on Instagram. Just a super nourishing cream which has been perfect for autumn, giving me that little bit of extra hydration I need coming into the cooler months.

Tell me in the comments below, what's a current favourite beauty product you've been loving during this time of isolation? I'd love to hear!

Hope you guys enjoyed!
Speak again soon,

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