Jurlique Supreme Range + Activating Water Essence Review

Finally a new post on here, it's been way too long! Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the Jurlique Supreme range and their activating water essence. I have been testing their products out for about 1 month now and I have a lot of thoughts to share with you guys. 

First and foremost, these products smell amazing and their packaging is to die for! 

And if that didn't grab your attention, Jurlique is an Australian based natural beauty brand with an amazing story and ethos. All of their botanical ingredients are grown and handpicked on their farm in South Australia, which is so amazing especially if you are from Australia, into natural plant-based skin care products and are looking to support our local businesses and brands in this harsh time.

Without further ado, here is the review!

1. Jurlique Activating Water Essence - this is honestly such a lovely luxury product to add into your daily routine. I've been using it immediately after cleansing and tapping it into my skin with my bare hands. It adds instant hydration to my skin and also smells heavenly. I legitimately feel like I am at a high-end luxury spa when using this essence, and who doesn't want that?!

2. Jurlique Supreme Restorative Rich Cream - again with the spa-like aromatherapy sensation, I just love the natural scent from all of these products! This cream is super rich and nourishing and perfect if you have dry and dehydrated skin like me. It is also anti-ageing and just like the eye balm that I talk about next, I have noticed a gradual reduction in some fine lines, mainly around my smile lines. Is there anything this cream can't fix?

3. Jurlique Supreme Eye Contour Balm - if you just get one of these products, make it this one. This is my favourite product out of all the Jurlique products I have tried! Now I'm a bit sceptical about eye creams, I've heard many many dermatologists tout them as just glorified moisturisers, but there is something so special about this eye cream! I actually think it is the best eye cream I have ever used, and I try ALOT of eye creams! This cream is so rich and nourishing for the under eye area, every morning I wake up after wearing it my dark circles are banished and fine lines are gone. It's literally that amazing. I am also obsessed with the little applicator it comes with. The little metal ball is so soothing and helps reduce puffiness under my eyes instantly. Even when I run out of this eye cream, I will for sure be keeping this applicator to use with all my other eye creams!

4. Jurlique Supreme Rejuvenating Serum - and finally the serum! Such a great addition to my routine in both the morning and evening and has definitely made my skin softer and more radiant. It's a thinner consistency than their cream so will perfect to use going into the warmer months here in Australia. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for some light hydration and generalised skin brightening!

All of the Supreme range contains Jurlique's Biosome6 complex which allows for deeper penetration of all of their active ingredients into the skin, in turn producing even more amazing results in your skin! I would definitely recommend checking out their site for more information on all the amazing ingredients and technology they incorporate into all their products if you are interested in purchasing any of these products!

I hope you guys all enjoyed this review! Which product sparked your interest the most?

Speak again soon,

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